The Advertising World is Evolving

The way we generate leads for new clients has changed since the days of yellow pages, newspaper ads and “spots” on TV and radio.
Thanks to the internet and digital advertising, getting new customers is now almost a science.
You can reach more people than ever before and not just in larger numbers, but in a way that targets the exact kind of client you want to attract.
Many businesses will thrive in this new world of digital advertising, but some will fail to adapt and potentially leave themselves out of the running by not moving with the times.


How do you navigate this new world of digital advertising and who can you trust?

With any shift in evolution there will be winners and losers and the thing to watch for, are the ruthless predators who will take advantage and exploit the situation as it changes.
In any shifting dynamic, you must always find your place in the food chain and choosing the right digital advertising agency will ensure your business’ survival.


Online advertising can be confusing.

There are so many different opinions and options and without a clear sense of focus and the backing of a great agency, and you can easily waste large sums of money and have nothing to show for it.
The answer is simple; there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to digital advertising. Your online advertising must be tailored to suit your specific business/industry, or it will give you little to no beneficial result.


Beware of the predators we mentioned earlier.

Many agencies will tell you there is an “avalanche of hungry customers waiting to buy your product”, without even knowing what your business does! Or, they might get you to sign a 12-month contract guaranteeing they will get paid no matter how poor the results of the campaign are.
They are very good at high pressure and high commission selling and none of this is good for you, the client.
They are invested in themselves and not you.
The right agency will care about getting you a good result!

Most of IQ Digital’s clients had been with one of these “predator” agencies before they found us.
We don’t have any sales people or lock in contracts, just online advertising experts who will work with you to achieve the best results possible in your industry.
No over-promising or lying just to get you signed up, we genuinely want to see your business succeed and we have the people and the tools to do it.

As this new digital world continues to evolve, it is critical you have the right agency helping you to adapt as well and IQ Digital are confident and competent in our ability to help your business thrive!

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Digital Advertising is as Simple as One, Two, Three.

With any digital advertising campaign, there are only three things you MUST know.

Cost per contact/sale/lead

What does it cost per contact/sale/lead?
Don’t get side tracked on clicks, impressions or any other sleight of hand tactics.
They may be good for Google but not for you, a very important distinction.

How big is the market?

It is crucial that you know how much of the market you are getting for your budget.
If you are already getting 100% of it, then increasing your sales budget is useless and your focus needs to be more on “on-page” conversions.
Conversely, if you are getting 20% of the market at the right cost per contact, then you know how much more you can expand.

Website Conversion Rate.

What is the percentage of how many visitors come to your site to contact or buy from you versus those who come to your site and leave without a single purchase or inquiry?
Imagine the results of improving your conversion rate from 2% to 10% or 20%, without increasing your budget.
This is where a good agency adds the most value and at IQ Digital, we know how to make those percentages go up!

Just by knowing these 3 things, you have alredy evolved past most of your competition.


*Warning* If your current agency is not telling you theses 3 things, it should raise some serious red flags.


How to Adapt, Evolve and Avoid Extinction


Let’s have a chat. Just a chat.
No high-pressure sales people; we don’t have any and pressure as a sales technique is not in our business model.

We would like to learn about your business, your industry, your competition and your customers and let you know how we can help take you from the dark ages and secure your position in the current food chain.

We will give you an honest appraisal of what to expect from a digital advertising campaign with us and whether we think it will work for your business or industry.
We have no agenda other than to see your company or product succeed in it’s market and with a proven sales record to back our years of experience, there really is nothing to lose.