What does being a Google Partner Mean?

It means we one of a few agency's specially selected by Google (after passing exams and showing skill and competency) to show the Google partner badge. Working with a Google Partner give you the assurance that we know what we're doing and up-to-date on all the latest changes.

Are you really in Perth?

Yes we are, although we services client all across Australia Perth is our home.

What Marketing will work for my business?

The answer is: it depends. That's not a cop out, it really depends on what your business does and who your clients are. Some business can do very well on social media where others won't. We find out all about your business in our first free consultation and work out a digital marketing plan from there.

Do you do other types of marketing?

Very little, as most of it will not give you a good return on investment (ROI). We know Google advertising works and it's all very traceable and easy to work out the ROI. There are some areas that still benefit from off-line media and these can be discussed a case by case basis.

Do you outsource overseas?

Yes we do, but only repetitive time consuming work like directory listing and link building, if we did all this work here then our services would cost 3 times more. We don't outsource strategic or planning as that would be dangerous. We also outsource content writing to various native English speaking professional writers, but all subject matter, keywords and placements are directed by IQ Digital Advertising.

I keep getting calls and emails from other SEO companies. Why?

First SEO is not marketing, it is only one part marketing and SEO without the correct messaging, a converting website and reputation management is a waste of money and can even be damaging to your business. If your site is on page 2,3,or 4 then you are going to get spammed as desperate companies are looking for new victims to confuse in to signing up to useless SEO services.

Why don't you build website?

Because we are marketers not website developers or graphic designers they are very different roles. We will work closely with your website developers or you can choose to work with one of our preferred supplies, that way you are assured of the getting the best value and we will make sure all the conversion increasing elements are included in your website.