Google Partner

We are one of only a few specially selected Google Partners in Perth

Being a Google partner means we have meet the very high standards set by Google.

There are 2 main standards that must me meet to be a Google Partner.

First is product knowledge. You must past at least 2 Google exams lasting 2 hours. One in Google AdWords fundamentals and then a specialist Google Subject such as AdWords or Display Ads.

Second is Google best Practices. This measures is to ensure that you are using the best practice for your customers.

Our Best Practices score:

To maintain your Google partner badge you must continue to provided great customer services long after you have passed the exams.

Here is an example of how using a Google Partner can not only save you money but also massively increase the success of your advertising.

Client 1 had set up their own AdWords Ads with a budget of $500 per month.

As they had taken many of the auto setting during the set up process, they had 356 keywords and an average cost of $16.70 per click. (ouch!) The campaign generated no leads and was a failure.

After engaging us we performed keyword research on their products and came up with 23 keywords that are a lot more relevant to their business. We then optimised there website to be relevant to the 23 keywords increasing the Ad rank (relevance) of their Ads. We then redesigned their ads to be more punchy and engaging.

Then set up all Ad Extensions further increasing the Adrank. After removing all the auto bid setting we set up the manual bidding with a maximum bid of $2.13. One last thing was to add our standard list of 173 negative keywords to reduce wasted clicks.

Results: cost per click came down to $1.61 their Ads moved to the top position in the Google search and the phone started ringing with sales enquires.

When using Google to advertise your business don't take any chances use a Google Certified Partner.