Online Reputation Management

"SEO without Reputation Management is like firing a machine gun in the dark – You’ll make a lot of noise but only end up shooting yourself."
-Alan Chapman

The internet is one of the most diverse and enjoyable places that you can run a business from; in fact, it’s almost perfect. With all of that information out there in terms of what is going to be available to you in the long-term through the web, you can also get massive sums of users that you simply would never even have been noticed by without the web.

Rather than competing in your local town and maybe a few surrounding towns, you will find that the web lets you compete with foreign equivalents and massive global conglomerates just as easily.

The problem is that the web can be extraordinarily high risk/high reward. By this, we mean that users can be just as likely to praise you to the Heavens as they are to consign to you to the dustbins of Hell. What seemed like a terrible transaction with a client can turn into a massively positive review on various platforms, whilst a “standard” transaction can turn into you considering suing the person for libel!

It all depends on who you are dealing with and what mood they are in that day; regardless of what you decide to do, you will find that online reputation management is going to be a pinnacle of the future for businesses.

If someone wants to come in and trash your business reputation then they have a free run at it at the moment; with the help of online reputation management experts like ourselves here at IQ Digital Advertising, though, you can side-step this potentially gruesome issue and get your business back up and running at full capacity once again in terms of sales and prominence with the people.

To do this, you simply need to give us a call. We can go about arranging a variety of different skills that can be used to promote your business in the best way possible, as well as remove all of the possibilities of people coming in and destroying your good name.

Whilst you don’t want to become some propaganda machine that pushes aside the bad and never takes any notice of what they are saying, there is a difference between positive criticism from a client to what is either a thinly veiled threat or systematic abuse.

With our help, you can decide on what seem to be more likely at the moment; and then decide what to do.