Why SEO Can Be Bad

Why SEO can be deadly to your Business

(without Reputation Management)

First what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or getting your website found on the internet when a person asks Google about products or services like yours.

What is Reputation Management?

We scan the internet looking for any information people are posting about you and your business. When we find posting about you we take remedial action to minimize the impact on your business.

So why can this be bad?

Unless you have complete control of the messaging/image/brand being prompted on Google, then you are in grave danger of paying someone to promote and bad image or worse bad reviews.

This is what SEO really is:

Back in 1990 I worked for a small advertising agency in Melbourne. This was long before the internet and SEO. This is how an advertisement is produced and published.

  1. Account manger talks to client about the product or service.
  2. Account manager talks to the creative manager about the product or service and plans a campaign
  3. Graphic designer designs the ads
  4. Copy writers write the advertising copy
  5. Graphic designers combines the copy into the design
  6. Creative manager checks the finished ads
  7. Account manager shows the ads to the client for approval
  8. Ads are given to advertising placement person to buy advertising space
  9. Ads of published
  10. Results are analysed

The rounded system has worked for millions of ads world wide and is still being used today.

So here is the problem!

SEO is only number 8 – SEO on its own is of little value (if your website can’t convert) and can be very detrimental because in this age we have things called reviews. There are hundreds of review sites but the biggest of all is Google, and if you have bad review you are paying someone to advertise it for you.

"97% of consumers search for local businesses online, according to Google"

If your spending money on SEO you may be promoting reviews like this

“Warning to everyone needing a good electrical company. DO NOT use this company! They are extremely rude and provide TERRIBLE service. Extremely unimpressed.”

“ Personal hygiene was poor. If you use these people be prepared to wait awhile, while they learn how to replace power points – and get a gas mask.”

“Bland food, awful service, high price. I took my partner to this restaurant for a nice evening out and was horrified at the service and food. Bland would be the best I could say about the food. The service was truly shocking.”

SEO is not marketing just a small part of the holistic process